by Trevor Blaak

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released January 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Trevor Blaak British Columbia

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Track Name: Tumble Down
Seven sighs for the stray mind
I got lost in the meadow after dark
When I thought you'd come to reel me out then
You were peeling at the daylight's dying bark
Run all the way home now
My mind was spinning on a web
Laugh a dying breath into the morning
For I may never sleep until I'm dead
I climb the mountains and I tumble down
Track Name: Daisy in the Fire
So many tales you never told to me
Every story sold gives these ghosts a home
Now grow up silent child crooked from the spine
But don't throw the daisies in the fire
As I've done mine

I still breathe in
But the world feels cold; there's snow again
So I stay alone
Away inside from all the eyes
Who's she?
Walking through this cloud of smoke
There's my daisy in the fire

When all your friends are lost like death in the winter
You will see them when the white pedals wither
Track Name: I See the Indian Chief
For all the spilling of blood on accounts of love
Red are my hands from keeping you close
In a dream I was holding your body still
Basking in the shade on some vague yellow hill

One comes walking through the heat over to me
I see the Indian chief

As I sat round a circle of men so old
I realized I'm just a boy
But when there's nothing but a flame to focus on
Leaning on the fire can make you feel so old

And a face comes through the flames to call out my name
With wonderful loving lies